Modern manufacturing enterprises need to be agile and operate in a manner where they can adapt to customer demands. That ever changing demand is altering the traditional production mix of plants daily. As a result, the cost standards held for a given product may not reflect the true costs today to manufacture that item. View the webinar to learn more about how to leverage modern tools, through traditional accounting constructs, to create a competitive advantage daily. Baker Tilly shared how their Dynamic Costing™ module can help you eliminate the manual, time consuming assembly of cost standards, give continuous visibility to your production, and see how to use those insights daily to drive profit.

Co-hosted by:


Eric Kroll

Partner – Food and Beverage Practice Leader, Baker Tilly

Cory Wendt

Director – Supply Chain & Manufacturing Consulting, Baker Tilly

Rob Bellile

Manager – Supply Chain & Manufacturing Consulting, Baker Tilly