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Employee Training

Does your company have a defined line item for employee training in its budget? If so, how accurate is it?

Many companies in the dairy industry develop most, or all, training content internally. And over 60% rely on paper and/or spreadsheets to manage all training activity. As a result, the true cost of training development and management is often invisible.

But that cost can and should be measured. And just as important, the opportunity cost when creating training internally. Those responsible for training development are typically the only ones that recognize how much time it requires, and how much more they could achieve if it wasn’t choking their calendars. The crux is how to convince executive leaders that additional technology and content resources are needed.

Join IDFA and Gold Business Partner Intertek Alchemy on this new webinar to come away with eye-opening insights and these takeaways:

  • Step-by-step instructions for calculating the costs of training development, facilitation, and management
  • Best practices for improving the quality of training materials while reducing the effort required
  • A training cost calculator to help quantify needed resources at your facility

Presented By


Dante Dominick

Industry Analyst, Intertek Alchemy

Kristin Kastrup

Sr. Consultant: Training & HR Optimization, Intertek Alchemy