Careers In Dairy Video Series

The International Dairy Foods Association is proud to present a video series for dairy businesses to utilize in the recruitment of employees for a wide variety of fields, including trucking and transportation, warehouse, research and development, quality assurance, and much more!

IDFA members are encouraged to download the videos below to share during recruiting events and recurring promotions. IDFA is happy to edit the videos to incorporate IDFA member branding. If you are interested in a specific version for your company, please reach out to Michael Goodin at

Episode 1: Trucking & Transportation

Episode 2: Quality Assurance

Episode 3: Production Operators

Episode 4: Research & Development

Episode 5: Maintenance

Empleos en el Sector Lácteo: Episodio 1 Camiones Y Transporte

Empleos en el Sector Lácteo: Episodio 2 Control de Calidad

Empleos en el Sector Lácteo: Episodio 3 Trabajadores de Producción