Earlier today I joined RFD-TV anchor Janet Adkison to discuss the importance of the recent trade deals struck between the United States and Japan, China, Mexico and Canada. I never miss an opportunity to thank our IDFA members for their hard work and dedication to expanding markets. Our members represent the full dairy value chain--from dairy cooperatives to processors and retailers--and each one understands the importance of exports and trade to the more than 3 million Americans who rely on dairy for jobs and income. Our IDFA members participated in dozens of meetings and events to show their support for passage of these trade deals. On many occasions, we spoke directly to members of Congress and officials in the Trump Administration about how crucial these agreements are to the future of American dairy. We also worked as part of a coalition of more than 1,000 food and agricultural businesses and organizations that united to raise our voices in support of the trade deals.

Watch this clip to learn more. And thank-you to RFD-TV and the Rural Media Group for inviting IDFA on your programs.