Skyven works with manufacturing facilities to reduce onsite CO2 emissions and save them money. We help you decarbonize your facilities, profitably. We help identify, fund, design, build, and maintain attractive decarbonization solutions - with no CapEx cost to you. We install the latest decarbonization technology that makes the most sense for your facility, at our own costs.  We bill only for the clean thermal energy actually delivered to your site from our systems. Skyven takes end-to-end responsibility for your clean process heat and your on-site CO2 emissions reduction. You save money from day one with no capex required, and you significantly reduce your CO2 / GHG / Scope 1 emissions. 

About Skyven:

Skyven is a decarbonization partner helping large industrial facilities identify, fund, design, and build attractive solutions to reuse thermal energy and reduce fuel spend. Skyven offers a unique "Energy-as-a-Service” model that directly aligns with each company’s carbon goals. Under the model, Skyven takes end-to-end responsibility for the entire project, including steam generating heat pumps and exhaust heat recovery systems, with no capex cost to the customer. Skyven only bills on the amount of clean thermal energy delivered to the site from the installed systems.

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Chris Barnhill
Director of Marketing, Skyven Technologies Inc.