WASHINGTON, Nov. 16, 2023 – IDFA provided comments to the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) on the protocols governing systematic reviews to address the scientific questions of the 2025 DGAC. These comments specifically focused on the protocols on food sources of saturated fat and cardiovascular disease, beverages sweetened with low- and no-calorie sweeteners, and food pattern modeling. The comments addressed these protocols as they relate to dairy products and urged the DGAC to consider the impact of the protocols on the studies available for assessment during the systematic review, as well as the resultant effects of the committee’s recommendations.

IDFA appreciates the opportunity to provide comments on these protocols and looks forward to sharing additional information on the science that relates to these and other important scientific questions that the DGAC will be considering.

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Staff Contact

Michelle Albee Matto, MPH, RDN

Associate Vice President, Regulatory Affairs and Nutrition