The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) on Friday released plans to impose tariffs on two lists of Chinese products. One list includes products that will be subject to a 25-percent tariff beginning July 6. It includes dairy machinery and machinery parts, but excludes milking machines and their parts. The second is a proposed list, and does not include dairy products.

In retaliation, the Chinese government will impose an additional 25-percent tariff on various imports of milk, cream, yogurt, whey, butter and cheese products beginning July 6. China's tariff rates on dairy products, starting July 1, will range from two to 20 percent. 

The United States exported more than $577 million worth of dairy to China last year, making the Chinese market the third largest for American dairy foods exports. U.S. whey exports accounted for $246 million.

Responding to China’s actions on Friday, the Trump administration on Monday tasked USTR with identifying a list of an additional $200 billion worth of Chinese products to consider for 10 percent tariffs.

IDFA is closely monitoring these actions and will continue to update members.

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