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IDFA, Trade Show Partners Gear Up for ProFood Tech 2019

Jan 30, 2019

ProFood Tech, the food and beverage processing trade show powered by PACK EXPO, Anuga and IDFA, was on the agenda at last week’s Dairy Forum 2019. The trade show leaders met to discuss positive progress ahead of ProFood Tech 2019, March 26-28 in Chicago, inviting feedback from the IDFA member company representatives, exhibitors, trade media and other industry stakeholders in attendance.

“We’re gearing up for a momentous return at ProFood Tech 2019, with early registration levels that are more than three times what they were at this point for the 2017 show,” said Neil Moran, IDFA senior vice president of finance, administration and trade show, who led the meeting. “It’s clear that the food and beverage sector is seeking Pro Food Tech’s critical growth opportunities and showcased technology to boost their production, efficiency and profits.”

During the meeting, Moran discussed IDFA’s goal of continuing to engage its member company representatives in the trade show’s planning, especially as it relates to the IDFA-led Knowledge Hub.

Moran outlined the keys to success for the 2019 program, which start with integrating the program sessions into the trade show floor to make them more accessible to all attendees. He covered the latest details on IDFA’s Knowledge Hub, which is comprised of three separate venues at the upcoming event. These platforms, Moran explained, will address pressing business challenges with fresh ideas and strategies from respected leaders in the food and beverage industry, discussions on best practices and deep dives into consumer trends that are changing the food and beverage landscape.

“Driving success and growth for attendees and exhibitors is the goal for 2019,” Moran said.

He added, “It’s clear in our industry that companies will need expanded processing solutions to deal with the changing markets,” noting that America’s dairy production is on track to exceed demand with an additional 50 billion pounds of milk in the next decade.

“There will need to be additional capacity to process, package, market and distribute these products, and there will need to be product innovation and development in all facets of the dairy industry,” he said. “Companies can use the opportunities the show provides to further collaborate with suppliers and innovate, expand and invest in technology for their future.”

Moran detailed IDFA’s recent changes in governance structure and the creation of a new IDFA Executive Council to preside over the business and operations of the association. “With our new council in place, we’ll be better able to support the changing needs of the dairy foods industry overall. I’m pleased that several council members attended the meeting,” Moran said. “Their insight is instrumental to making this upcoming ProFood Tech a success.”

IDFA Executive Council members in attendance were:

  • Dale Andersen, President & CEO, Delkor Systems, Inc.;
  • Russell Coleman, Executive Vice President, General Counsel, Dean Foods Company;
  • Rich D. Draper, Chief Executive Officer, The Ice Cream Club, Inc.;
  • Ken Jorgensen, Director, Dairy Operations, H-E-B; and
  • Alan Thomsen, President & CEO, Schoep's Ice Cream Co., Inc.

ProFood Tech will be held in Chicago, March 26-28, 2019. Visit for more information.

Members may contact Moran at

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