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Dairy Facts 2016

August Is ‘Take Your Legislator to Work’ Month

Aug 02, 2017
Rep. Erik Paulsen (R-MN.) enjoyed a Blizzard during his visit to International Dairy Queen's Franchise Support Center in 2015.

Though the Senate remains in session, House representatives are headed home for August recess. Now is an ideal time for dairy processors across the country to use this legislative downtime to host members of Congress at their processing facilities for educational tours.

Legislators value the opportunity to tour businesses that are making a positive contribution to their states and districts. For IDFA members, plant tours offer an excellent way to connect on a personal level with lawmakers, allowing them to see firsthand what dairy businesses need to be successful.

“With yet another farm bill on the horizon, the timing is opportune for IDFA members to connect or reconnect with their legislators,” said Dave Carlin, IDFA senior vice president of legislative affairs and economic policy. “Maintaining and growing these relationships is critical for IDFA’s legislative success, and we’re happy to help you plan these visits.”

IDFA can facilitate tours by putting members in touch with the appropriate staff for their legislators, secure tour dates and time, prepare tour agendas and, if desired, provide talking points on key dairy issues. A typical plant tour lasts about an hour, covers the history and current function of the plant, allows opportunities for the legislators to meet and greet plant employees and pose for photos and, when possible, sample product right off the line.

IDFA has prepared a Plant Tour Guide to get members started. Companies interested in arranging a plant tour for members of Congress may contact Carlin at

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