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Conference to Cover Compliance Challenges and Consumer Trends

Mar 23, 2016

The countdown to compliance continues for both the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and Vermont’s biotech labeling law, while new testing requirements, additive approval hurdles and date-marking questions are bringing fresh challenges to dairy foods companies. Join industry experts and dairy colleagues at the Milk and Cultured Dairy Products Conference, May 24- 25 in Indianapolis, to learn how dairy foods companies can prepare for and respond to these issues and more.

Here are some of the sessions that will be offered.

  • "FSMA Implementation Update”
    The FSMA preventive controls rules for human and animal foods will begin implementation in September 2016. Attendees will learn how to prepare their companies and suppliers for inspections under these new rules.
  • “The Trouble with Date Marking”
    Food waste poses a significant burden to the American food system, and confusing date marking is a significant contributor to this waste. Attendees will hear strategies to improve date labeling policies and practices that will help decrease consumer confusion and lead to a more sustainable food system.
  • “Food Additive Approvals and GRAS Systems”
    A food ingredient is considered either a food additive, subject to Food and Drug Administration regulations, or “Generally Recognized as Safe” (GRAS) for specific uses, which involves a self-evaluation of the ingredient’s safety. This session will review why consumers and food activists are challenging these regulatory processes and will present options for increasing transparency and consumer confidence in the safety of food ingredients and additives.
  • “Future Veterinary Drug Residue Testing Requirements for Grade ‘A’ Milk Products”
    The National Conference on Interstate Milk Shipments (NCIMS) is in the midst of making major revisions to the veterinary drug residue testing requirements in the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO). Attendees will hear more about which residues are being targeted and what the impact on the Grade “A” industry might be.
  • “Vermont’s GMO Labeling Law: Countdown to Compliance”
    Recent efforts by Congress have failed to find a federal solution before Vermont’s new GMO labeling law is effective, and dairy companies are rightfully concerned over having to comply with a patchwork of differing state labeling laws. This session will cover the very latest from the battle lines and offer recommendations on how companies can be prepared for compliance with the new Vermont labeling law.

How to Engage Today’s Consumers

The conference will feature discussions on consumer interest in product labeling and the products and trends breaking new ground in the milk and cultured dairy segment. Attendees will learn how to reach these consumers, using social media and enhanced brand positioning.

Lynn Dornblaser from Mintel Group Limited, a consumer research company, will deliver insights and data to help milk and cultured dairy product companies tap into new consumer trends and demands.

Victor Zaborsky, marketing consultant at the Milk Processor Education Program, will discuss how the MilkLife advertising campaign and brand positioning are paving the way for a more emotional connection to consumers. He’ll also discuss how in-depth consumer research has helped refine MilkPEP’s messages.

Marketing and consumer-insight experts from Eli Lilly & Co., Elanco and Walmart will discuss their experiences in the drug and retail industries to offer new online strategies for reaching consumers through social media.  

Registration is available here. The deadline to receive IDFA’s discounted hotel rate is May 2.

Innovative Product Contest

Attendees will sample a variety of new products and vote for the Most Innovative Milk or Cultured Dairy Product and the Most Innovative Milk or Cultured Dairy Prototype Product. The annual competition showcases the creativity of milk and cultured dairy companies.

Attendees are invited to send one entry per company for each contest. To submit a product for the contest, complete and email the entry form to Maria Velasco, IDFA meetings coordinator and registrar, at

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