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New Industry Campaign to Dispel Top Dairy Myths

Jul 22, 2015

In the industry’s ongoing effort to reverse negative perceptions that may impact consumers’ milk purchasing decisions, the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy and Dairy Management Inc. (DMI), with support from MilkPEP, have launched a new social media campaign to address some of the misconceptions about dairy farming practices and set the record straight about milk.

“The Udder Truth” campaign includes a three-part video series that tackles the top dairy farming myths – animal care, “big” farms and antibiotics – all told through a credible farmer’s voice. This content includes powerful stories and visuals that provide direct answers to difficult questions.

MilkPEP will be sharing this content on its social channels over the next few weeks, and IDFA members can leverage this content too – in social media channels, in reactive social media responses to tough consumer questions or to address frequently asked questions online.

The content can be viewed at and you can share it through your social media channels by signing up at DMI’s amplification center.

Visit to:

  • Download the videos for use on your website
  • Find social copy and links to share; or visit MilkPEP’s Milk Truth digital tool for one-click sharing

For more information about the campaign, contact Donna Armstrong, MilkPEP senior communications manager, at

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