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Cheese and Cheers are on the Lunch Menu at the Dairy Show

Jul 22, 2015

Attendees of the 2015 International Dairy Show will have the chance to network while learning more about artisan cheese and craft beer pairings during lunchtime session presented by Cheese and Cheers. Three educational sessions will be offered from 12-1 p.m. on September 15-17, 2015.

“The Cheese and Cheers presentations represent one of the many great ways the Dairy Show combines learning, networking, food and fun,” said Robin Cornelison, trade show director at IDFA.

Participants may attend one or all of the three sessions:

Welcome to Chicago

The first session on Tuesday, September 15, features a tasting of Chicago beers with Midwest cheeses. The program will discuss these products and their makers, and also will preview the discussion on artisan and business trends, the growth of the craft beer industry and more.

Big Kids on the Block

The second session, September 16, makes it clear that “Craft beer is no longer micro.” This session focuses on top U.S. craft brewers and on the trends in artisan cheese-making spreading across the country. Tasting will include beers, cheese and desserts.

Beer styles for Wine People

The last of the Cheese and Cheers series, September 17, includes a tasting of American wines and beers that mimic certain wine varietals and artisan cheese. This presentation is accompanied by discussions on trends in American wine and craft beer, both nationally and internationally. It will touch on business strategies, marketing, packaging and consumer trends. Tasting will include beers, cheeses, wines and desserts.

Cheese and Cheers is just one of the many free on-floor educational opportunities for Dairy Show attendees. For more information about all Dairy Show opportunities view the full schedule, and register to attend.

Cheese and Cheers organizes tastings and presentations on beer, wine and cheese, featuring New World artisans and craftsmen along with Old World standards.

For more information about the Dairy Show and events please visit or contact Cornelison at

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