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Enhance Congressional Support for Dairy, TPA by Hosting Plant Tours

Mar 25, 2015

Members of Congress will be returning to their home districts next week for the Easter congressional recess. That means the coming two weeks would be an ideal time for dairy processors across the country to host their representatives and senators for educational tours at their processing facilities.

“Legislators value the opportunity to tour businesses that are making a positive contribution to their states and districts,” said Ashley Burch, director of political programs for IDFA. “And for IDFA members, plant tours offer an excellent way to connect on a personal level with lawmakers and allow them to see firsthand what dairy businesses need to be successful.”

Through the GrassRoots Action Network for Dairy (GRAND) program, IDFA is actively engaged in coordinating dairy plant tours for members of Congress. IDFA can facilitate tours by putting IDFA members in touch with the appropriate people in their legislators’ offices, setting tour dates and times, preparing tour agendas and, if desired, providing talking points on key dairy issues.

Talking Points Available on TPA and Exports

“We are hearing that Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) legislation will be introduced following the Easter recess,” said Beth Hughes, director of international affairs for IDFA. “Hosting a plant tour for a legislator can really drive home for them the true impact of the policy decisions they make in Washington. We hope that all IDFA members with a stake in exports will invite their members of Congress to their facilities in early April and encourage them to support TPA legislation.”

A typical plant tour lasts about an hour, allowing processors to cover the history and current function of the plant. It also provides opportunities for the legislators to meet and greet plant employees, pose for photos and, when possible, sample product right off the line.

Members interested in reaching their members of Congress, arranging a plant tour or looking for more information on the GRAND program may visit or contact Burch at (202) 220-3534 or She can also provide members with talking points in support of TPA and increased dairy exports.

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