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IDFA, NMPF Urge States to Keep Restrictions on Raw Milk

Oct 22, 2014

IDFA joined with the National Milk Producers Federation last week to send letters opposing efforts in Illinois and New Hampshire that would make raw milk more accessible to consumers.


Proposed regulations in Illinois would make legal the sale of raw milk to consumers in the state. The regulations, issued earlier this month by the Illinois Department of Public Health, would change the definition of milk available for sale to the public to include raw milk.

“Consumption of raw milk is a demonstrated public health risk,” IDFA and NFMP said in the letter. “The link between raw milk and foodborne illness has been well-documented in the scientific literature, with evidence spanning nearly 100 years.”

The comment period ended on Monday, and the Department of Public Health will issue its final rule after reviewing all comments.

New Hampshire

IDFA and NMPF sent another letter last week to the New Hampshire House Committee on Environment and Agriculture to oppose legislation that would allow the sale of raw milk at farm stands in the state. The Committee held its hearing on House Bill 1382 on Tuesday, and no action was taken on the bill.

IDFA will continue to oppose any legislation that aims to legalize or promote the consumption of raw milk in states where it is now prohibited.

Members with questions or concerns regarding raw milk in individual states may contact Ruth Saunders, IDFA vice president of policy and legislative affairs, at (202) 220-3553 or

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