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Look Who's Joined IDFA

Mar 30, 2011

IDFA welcomes four new Gold Business Partners and two new Business Partners this month.

Be sure to visit Interstate Cold Storage, Polar King International, Polar Leasing Company, Rockwell Automation, Baswood Corporation and many more IDFA members that are exhibiting at the International Dairy Show, September 19-21, in Atlanta.

Gold Business Partners

Interstate Cold Storage
4410 New Haven Avenue
Fort Wayne, IN 46803
Ph: (260) 428-2505
Fax: (260) 428-2503
Contact: Mr. Scott Parker, Director of Operations
Products/Services: Interstate Cold Storage, Inc. provides cost-effective, custom warehousing and distribution solutions for the dairy cold chain, whether it's shipping milk from the farm to the distributor, making cheese, storing ice cream or keeping dairy products, such as yogurt, cold. Tools such as customer web access, EDI and RF barcode scanning ensure that products are delivered on time and orders are accurate. Proprietary new services in quick-freezing and tempering greatly reduce the time required to process products and allow quicker turnaround. ICS offers five cold storage warehouse locations strategically located in Columbus, Ohio; Napoleon, Ohio; and Fort Wayne, Ind. Temporary onsite refrigeration is also available.

Polar King International, Inc.
4424 New Haven Avenue
Fort Wayne, IN 46803
Ph: (260) 428-2530
Fax: (260) 428-2533
Contact: Mr. Todd Ellinger
Products/Services: Dependable refrigeration is the key to maintaining product integrity throughout the dairy cold chain. Polar King International manufactures outdoor walk-in coolers and freezers providing onsite storage and onsite access to products. The seamless fiberglass units offer quick temperature recovery times and peace of mind that the products are safe. Polar King walk-ins are available in various sizes and temperature ranges and offer a wide array of temperature-monitoring options. All units are designed to custom needs and require no onsite assembly.

Polar Leasing Company
4410 New Haven Avenue
Fort Wayne, ID 46803
Ph: (877) 428-2532
Fax: (877) 428-2533
Contact: Mr. Bart Tippman, President
Products/Services: Polar Leasing Company offers the largest electric freezer and refrigerator rental fleet in North America to help companies maintain product integrity throughout the dairy cold chain. The fleet includes seamless fiberglass ground-resting walk-in units and mobile trailer rentals, which are available for a few days or several years, depending on customer needs. Refrigeration rentals provide onsite storage and access to products. The seamless fiberglass units offer quick temperature recovery times and peace of mind that products are safe. Available in various sizes and operating temperatures.

Rockwell Automation
9500 Arboretum Boulevard
Austin, TX 78759
Ph: (512) 438-1593
Fax: (512) 438-1401
Contact: Mr. Ian Steele, Manager, CPG Industry Solutions
Products/Services: Rockwell Automation provides industrial automation-control and information solutions to meet consumer demand and cost-effectively meet quality standards for products. From stand-alone, industrial components to enterprise-wide integrated systems, Rockwell's solutions can help improve production efficiencies and energy usage, reduce cost and improve quality while lowering total cost of ownership.

Business Partners

Baswood Corporation
6087 S. Glencoe Way
Centennial, CO 80121
Ph: (888) 524-2822
Contact: Mr. Brian Healy, Vice President
Products/Services: Baswood offers environmentally responsible, lower total-cost alternatives for industrial wastewater pretreatment. Founded in 2004, Baswood delivers innovative, technology-based solutions that produce results. The BioViper sequential biological treatment system uses patented technologies to provide optimal BOD removal from food and beverage process wastewater, reducing municipal surcharges. The systems are designed to handle high-strength waste streams; they have low operational energy demand, operate virtually odor free, are compact and customizable, and require less manpower to operate.

Paper Systems, Inc.
6127 Willowmere Drive
Des Moines, IA 50321
Ph: (515) 280-1111
Fax: (515) 280-9219
Contact: Mr. Kevin Stuart, Marketing Director
Products/Services: Paper Systems has manufactured environmentally responsible intermediate liquid bulk packaging for over 25 years, helping customers reduce their carbon footprints through "user friendly" recyclable, intermediate bulk containers. IMS Dairy compliant EZ-BULK packaging includes 110 gallon, 220 gallon, 275 gallon and 330 gallon intermediate bulk containers made in the United States and suitable for shipment on GMA 48x40 wood or plastic pallets. Paper Systems has solutions for cream, milk, liquid raw ingredients, flavorings, fruit purees, viscous materials, solids and other non-hazardous liquids. Paper Systems family of liquid packaging products includes "EZ-BULK®," "EZ-DRAIN®," "EZ-BULK 48 X 40®" and "EXO-BIN®."

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