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  • September 19, 2018

    China to Impose Tariffs on Nearly All US Dairy Imports

    China’s finance ministry announced on Tuesday that it will impose retaliatory tariffs next week on nearly $60 billion worth of U.S. imports in reaction to the Trump administration’s plans to place 10-percent duties on another $200 billion in Chinese goods. Starting Sept. 24, the Chinese will target U.S. lactose, infant formulas, ice cream, chocolate milk and whey proteins and isolates. The move means that nearly all U.S. dairy products exported to the country will face additional import taxes.
  • September 19, 2018

    IDFA Clarifies FDA Action on Export Certificates

    The Food and Drug Administration late last month announced a new export certification program for U.S. foods. At this time, IDFA recommends that dairy exporters continue using the Agricultural Marketing Service’s (AMS) export certificate program. “For now, continue relying on AMS to provide any certificates you need to get your products to international markets,” said Beth Hughes, IDFA senior director of international affairs. “This will ensure there are no disruptions in trade.”
  • Dave Carlin, IDFA Senior Vice President of Legislative Affairs and Economic Policy
    September 19, 2018

    IDFA Delivers Dairy Data to Virginia Ag Leaders

    Dave Carlin, IDFA senior vice president of legislative affairs and economic policy, this week provided leaders from Virginia’s Agribusiness Council with data on the state’s dairy industry and its economic impact on the United States. Carlin also highlighted the “Got Jobs? Dairy Creates Jobs, Exports Create More” campaign, a cross-industry communications effort launched in May by IDFA, the U.S. Dairy Export Council and the National Milk Producers Federation.
  • John Allan, IDFA Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and International Standards
    September 19, 2018

    Data Analytics Help Drive Food-Safety Decisions, Continuous Improvement

    “The data age is here to stay, and we know dairy companies that don’t take advantage of it will be less successful than those that do in this highly competitive — and often volatile — market environment,” according to John Allan, IDFA vice president of regulatory affairs and international standards, and Rebecca Piston, chair of the Milk Industry Foundation regulatory committee and director of food safety at HP Hood LLC. In this month’s “Rules & Regs” column in Dairy Foods magazine, they explained that connecting data between departments such as sales and marketing, procurement, operations, quality assurance and sanitation is increasingly necessary for economic sustainability and regulatory compliance.
  • September 19, 2018

    Nominate Innovative Farmers, Food Safety Leaders for IDFA Awards

    IDFA is encouraging members to nominate shining examples for two of the association’s annual honors. For the Innovative Dairy Farmer of the Year Award, IDFA is partnering with Dairy Herd Management magazine to seek U.S. dairy farms that have embraced innovation and technology, as well as industry collaboration and partnerships, to achieve greater productivity and growth. For its 2019 Food Safety Leadership Award, IDFA is looking to recognize a group or organization from the association’s membership that demonstrates outstanding leadership toward enhancing food safety within the dairy products industry.
  • September 19, 2018

    In Memoriam: Carl Herbein, President and CEO of Herbein + Company, Inc.

    Carl Herbein, founder of Herbein + Company, Inc., passed away this week at the age of 71. He advised dairy companies for more than 40 years through his firm, which is an IDFA Gold Business Partner. He also made significant contributions to IDFA and its members, including leading the association’s Dairy Accounting and Finance Workshop for the past 26 years. A memorial service honoring Herbein is scheduled on Oct. 4 at Alvernia University in Reading, Pa.
  • September 18, 2018

    Washington Weekly: US Demands Dairy Trade Concessions from Canada; Farm Bill Talks Continue; Lawmakers Reach Spending Agreement

    Washington Weekly is IDFA’s update curating policy news from the nation’s capital. This week, Canada and the United States are standing firm on dairy issues in final North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) talks; disputes in the 2018 Farm Bill Conference Committee threaten farm bill passage; and Congress passes funding bills. This edition also includes a brief video message from Michael Dykes, D.V.M., IDFA president and CEO, about these issues.
  • September 12, 2018

    Bioengineered Food Rule Moves to Next Step: White House Review

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture sent the proposed National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard to the White House for review late last month. The move represents the penultimate step in finalizing the standard, which will introduce mandatory labeling rules for bioengineered (BE) foods or foods with BE ingredients. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB), a division in the executive branch, has 90 days to review. Once that review is complete, the administration will publish the final rule in the Federal Register, mostly likely later this year. IDFA will remain engaged with the administration as the rule moves through these final stages.
  • September 12, 2018

    Turkey Reopens Market to US Dairy

    Turkey has reopened its market to U.S. dairy products, following a lapse in market access for nearly three years when Turkish and U.S. officials negotiated to renew a certificate that Turkey requires for imports. “We’re pleased to learn this hiatus is over and that American dairy companies once again have access to Turkey, a market that was worth $24.2 million for U.S. dairy in 2014,” said Beth Hughes, IDFA senior director of international affairs.
  • September 12, 2018

    Dietary Guidelines Committee to Consider Role of Dairy in Healthy Diet

    The departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services made progress last week on the 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Department officials announced a call for nominations of nutrition professionals to serve on the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee and released a final list of priority topics and related scientific questions that the committee will consider when making recommendations for the new guidelines. “We’re pleased that several of the topics and questions that the committee will consider reflect the priority areas of IDFA and the dairy industry,” said Michelle Matto, R.D.N., IDFA’s nutrition and labeling consultant.
  • September 11, 2018

    Washington Weekly: Dairy Tops US-Canada Trade Talks; Spending Scores Key to Farm Bill Deliberations

    Washington Weekly is IDFA’s update curating policy news from the nation’s capital. This week, Canada’s Class 7 milk pricing program remains a top issue in the final North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) talks. Also, the 2018 Farm Bill Conference Committee looks to Congressional Budget Office (CBO) scores to resolve farm bill contentions, and Congress faces deadlines to pass funding bills.
  • September 05, 2018

    Dykes Represents Dairy in US Chamber’s Committee of 100

    The U.S. Chamber of Commerce this summer welcomed Michael Dykes, D.V.M., IDFA president and CEO, to its Association Committee of 100, a group of leading association executives that has supported American business for more than 50 years. Dykes was invited to serve as a representative for the dairy industry. “I’m pleased to join this esteemed group of association leaders,” he said. “Having this voice and role in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which is the world’s largest business federation, is a significant opportunity for our industry.”
  • September 05, 2018

    September Brings Deadlines, Determination and Dealmaking in Congress

    Congress arrived back in Washington this week with a checklist of legislative business to attend to before the October congressional recess and the midterm elections. The IDFA legislative team remains in constant communication with key lawmakers and their staff, and is actively working to ensure Congress makes progress on policies important to dairy, such as passing a farm bill that includes dairy priorities, an industry-supported natural cheese bill and a 2019 appropriations bill that includes increased funding for the Food and Drug Administration to work on food issues and research money to help find solutions for ice cream co-product.
  • September 05, 2018

    DC Summer Spelled No Slowdowns for Dairy

    In Washington, a slower pace of progress in August is as expected as the sweltering heat. Progress on dairy issues last month, however, was anything but. In a new Cheese Market News column and on Rice Dairy TV, Michael Dykes, D.V.M., IDFA president and CEO, detailed how these dog days of August delivered for dairy. He highlighted administration actions that earmarked millions of dollars of fluid milk purchases to help feed Americans in need and progress made to preserve dairy’s top export market, Mexico, with the U.S.-Mexico trade agreement talks.
  • September 05, 2018

    Indonesia Revises Unfair Regulation, Reducing Trade Barrier for US Dairy

    Indonesia has revised language on its regulation that caused an unfair trade barrier for U.S. dairy exporters, according to a new U.S. Department of Agriculture GAIN report. The report states that Indonesia’s “Ministry of Agriculture recently further revised a regulation that had required local dairy processors and dairy product importers to form partnerships with local dairy producers. This most recent revision eliminates all language making the partnerships compulsory, deletes previously required reporting requirements, and removes all remaining sanctions associated with non-compliance.” The move is expected to help ease dairy trade to the country, where U.S. exporters shipped $133 million worth of dairy products last year.
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