1611      Cows arrive for Jamestown Colony.

1624      Cows reach Plymouth Colony.

1841      First regular shipment of milk by rail--Orange County to New York City.

1856      Pasteur experiments start.

              Gail Borden received first patent on condensed milk from both U.S. and England.

1878      Continuous centrifugal cream separator invented by Dr. Gustav De Laval.

1884      Milk bottle invented by Dr. Hervey D. Thatcher, Potsdam, New York.

1886      Automatic bottle filler and capper patented.

1890      Tuberculin testing of dairy herds introduced. Test for fat content of milk and cream

              perfected by Dr. S.M. Babcock.

              Sherman Anti-Trust Act establishes federal anti-monopoly policy.

1892      Certified milk originated by Dr. Henry L. Coit in Essex County, New Jersey.

1895      Commercial pasteurizing machines introduced.

              Thistle milking machine introduces intermittent pulsation.

1908      First compulsory pasteurization law (Chicago) applying to all milk except that from     

              tuberculin tested cows.

1911      Automatic rotary bottle filler and capper perfected.

1914      Tank trucks first used for transporting milk.

1919      Homogenized milk sold successfully in Torrington, Connecticut.

1922      Capper-Volsted Act codifies agricultural cooperatives.

1932      Ways of increasing Vitamin D in milk made practicable.

              First plastic coated paper milk cartons introduced commercially.

1937      Agricultural Marketing Agreement Act establishes federal milk marketing orders.

1938      First farm bulk tanks for milk began to replace milk cans.

1942      Every-other-day milk delivery started (initially as a war conservation measure).

1946      National School Lunch Act signed by President Truman.

              Vacuum pasteurization method perfected.

1948      Ultra-high temperature pasteurization is introduced.

1949      Agricultural Adjustment Act establishes dairy support price at $3.14/cwt.

1950      Milk vending machines win place in distribution.

1955      Flavor control equipment for milk is introduced commercially.

1964      Plastic milk container introduced commercially.

1968     Electronic testing for milk is introduced commercially marking the official acceptance of   


1974     Nutrition labeling of fluid milk products begins.

1980     American Dairy Association launches the national introduction of the “REAL”® Seal 

             dairy symbol.

1981     UHT (ultra high temperature) milks gain national recognition.

1983     Creation of National Dairy Promotion and Research Board.

1988     Lower fat dairy products gain widespread acceptance. Low-fat and skim milk sales   

             combined exceed whole milk sales for the first time.

1993     Mandatory animal drug residue testing program established.

1994     Recombinant bovine somatotropin (rBST) approved for commercial use in U.S.

             Nutrition Labeling and Education Act requires mandatory nutrition labeling.

1995    Launch of processor-funded milk mustache advertising campaign.

2000    Federal milk marketing orders reformed; component pricing introduced.