Food Safety Courses

IDFA is proud to partner with the renowned International Food Protection Training Institute (IFPTI) to provide food manufacturing professionals with online-based food safety training opportunities. Visit the IDFA Food Safety Education Portal to browse the six listeria control courses and the Listeria Control Specialist (LCS) certificate program currently offered by IDFA and IFPTI.

Listeria Control Specialist Certificate Program

Become certified as a Listeria Control Specialist when you complete five courses on Good Manufacturing Practices, Hygienic Zoning, Hygienic Facility and Equipment Design, Sanitation Controls, and Environmental Monitoring.

How To Access The Content

To purchase and participate in one of the food safety courses offered by IDFA and IFPTI, do the following:

You will then have access to the individual courses through your portal via the My Courses block on your portal home page.  

Those interested in becoming a certified Listeria Control Specialist will have 6 months to complete all 5 courses at the time of enrollment. Upon completion, you will also receive the Listeria Control Specialist (LCS) program certificate that will expire after three years.

The Listeria control courses listed on the IDFA Food Safety Education Portal were developed by the American Frozen Food Institute.

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