Food producers and retailers are facing a wave of class action lawsuits by their workers and the public, challenging the adequacy of COVID-19 protections and often seeking court intervention to shut down operations or impose specific COVID-19 controls. In addition, employees and members of the public are beginning to file personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits against food industry companies, alleging they were exposed to the virus at work or through a company’s products or employees.  Faegre Drinker is defending some of the first cases in the country alleging these types of claims, and in this presentation Sarah Brew shares best practices to prepare for and successfully defeat these claims, including:

  • COVID-19 preparedness and response plans
  • Documentation of key policies and their evolution and enforcement
  • Responding to and documenting employee or public complaints
  • Preparing for and responding to occupational or public health departments’ inquiries and investigation
  • Enlisting the right experts when needed
  • Monitoring and acting on changing regulations, guidance and standards of care
  • Understanding the role of workers’ compensation for COVID-19 illness claims

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