The IDFA Leadership Symposium, presented in partnership with the Wisconsin School of Business Center for Professional and Executive Development at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, provides a forum for rising leaders to collaborate with fellow industry change-makers, build their leadership skills, and prepare for the next step in their leadership journey. New to the conference in 2024 is the opportunity to receive the IDFA Advanced Leadership and Management Certificate.

Leading in an organization was already a challenge, but capitalizing on new opportunities, managing all facets of risk, and pivoting quickly to profitable business models is more essential than ever in the dairy industry. To take on the challenge and harvest the possibilities, today’s leader needs to move beyond management to a keen understanding of high performing leadership behaviors, their own strengths and areas for growth, and the business context where their own organization can meet the passions of the customer. 

Participants will join a cross section of dairy industry peers who also want to develop elite leadership skills in an exciting, engaging, and interactive journey with top ranked faculty, industry experts, and peers who will help you explore:  

  1. The proven, researched leadership behaviors that create personal and organization success
  2. What today’s customers want and expect from a business that feeds their passions for food, health, and sustainability
  3. How to look at and modify your organization’s business model to make sure you can pivot to success. 
  4. Your awareness of organization context and culture, which allows you to respond more thoughtfully to rapid changes in business circumstances
  5. Methods to analyze performance impact and efficiencies in product sales and inventory
  6. End to end supply chain and purchasing excellence
  7. The strategic pricing process
  8. Why is it essential for leaders to understand good management
  9. What is it employees need from managers
  10. Leading for change in your organization and your industry

This program will be delivered in an in-person format at the University of Wisconsin–Madison led by dynamic and highly interactive instructors, several of who were formerly industry practitioners and are now highly skilled instructors.  Participants will engage in lecturettes, active discussion, small breakout teams, case studies and individual reflection to make sure they are deeply immersed in the learning, and can integrate what they learn into their work environment and culture. 

The IDFA Leadership Symposium is open to all levels of the industry, with a focus on mid-to senior-level executives. Registrations for this event are limited. Secure your spot today!

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