IDFA and the United Dairymen of Arizona (UDA) invite you to participate in a new fatigue management and safety webinar featuring Rodolfo Giacoman, Fatigue Management Specialist from the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. In this webinar, Mr. Giacoman will raise awareness of and provide your company with tools to reduce the risks associated with drivers’ fatigue and commercial vehicles. During this webinar, you can expect to: 

  • Understand the business case for managing fatigue risks for commercial drivers within your company and supply chain. 
  • Learn about the training resources available by the North American Fatigue Management Program and managed by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. 
  • Discover strategies for implementing a fatigue management program for your company’s commercial fleet.
  • Learn how to manage and promote fatigue risk management within your supply chain, including your contract milk haulers.

Safety on the roads is as important as safety at the dairy plant, and a deadly multivehicle crash involving a milk tanker-trailer in 2021 put the spotlight on the fatigue risks faced by drivers in the dairy supply chain (both company fleets and third-party commercial vehicles). Some of you may recall news reports regarding a milk tank-trailer that crashed into a queue of passenger vehicles stopped due to a road closure on a major Arizona highway, resulting in the death of four passengers and injury of eleven passengers. After a two-year investigation with cooperation by IDFA, UDA and others in the dairy industry, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) released a report concluding that the milk tank-trailer driver’s fatigue was a major contributing factor to the accident. 

This webinar is free to IDFA members and we encourage participation from the IDFA environment, health and safety (EHS) committee, the supply chain task force, and all professionals responsible for procurement, operations, legal, and transportation. 

We recommend that members review materials on the NTSB website relating to this accident and the importance of fatigue management. IDFA and UDA are committed to enhancing road safety and look forward to sharing this important webinar with the dairy community. 


Rodolfo Giacoman

Fatigue Management Specialist, Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance

Moderated by:

Danielle Quist

Vice President, Regulatory Affairs and Counsel

Zach Fort

Director of Legal Affairs, United Dairymen of Arizona

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Non-Members: $99.00

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