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Benefits of Membership for Dairy Companies in the United States

The Milk Industry Foundation (MIF), National Cheese Institute (NCI), and International Ice Cream Association (IICA) are constituent organizations of the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA).  IDFA is a leading player in the formation of positive domestic and international dairy policies.  IDFA's voice speaks with powerful impact on a myriad of issues and challenges facing the dairy industry.  Members become part of a network of successful dairy professionals, providing input, sharing ideas, and keeping current on the latest industry developments.  IDFA's expert staff is available to discuss and answer questions about important issues and provide assistance to individual members on their specific needs.

So, how do you access all of the information, expand your knowledge, and become an integral part of this network of dairy professionals?  Here's how:

On-Going Regular Communications

  • News Update Headlines – a weekly e-mail each Wednesday with a link to the IDFA website with news on current industry and Association activities.  For late-breaking news, members will receive an e-mail with a link to the IDFA website
  • SmartBrief – e-mail on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays with the latest dairy business news
  • Special communications via e-mail on issues of timely nature
  • Membership Conference Calls – Conference calls are scheduled every four months to review current issues, actions, and plans.  Members are encouraged to participate with questions and comments.

Access to Members-Only Documents on IDFA Website

IDFA's website address is  Companies will find IDFA position papers, testimony and comments, links to government documents, and other important information.  Members receive a password to access members-only documents on the website, which include current and archived information relating to food safety, product labeling, nutrition guidelines, environmental compliance, sustainability, milk and ingredient pricing policies, legislative policies, economic & policy analyses, international trade, crisis management, media messaging, and much more.  The IDFA website is updated daily.

Access to IDFA Staff 

IDFA staff provides assistance to individual members on specific areas of concern, whether it's answering a question, assisting with a technical matter, or contacting an appropriate government agency on their behalf. 

IDFA is spokesperson for the dairy industry around the world, participating in international bodies, such as the World Trade Organization, Codex Alimentarius, and International Dairy Federation.  IDFA also networks with other dairy and food organizations around the world.

Boards, Committees and Task Forces

Members are urged to participate in committees to provide their expertise and recommendations on issues vital to the future success of the dairy industry.  Nominations are accepted in the fall for participation on the Boards of Directors. These networking opportunities facilitate the exchange of information and provide the environment for developing new business relationships.

Education and Training Programs

The Associations' education and training programs provide information on the latest industry developments, including food safety, labeling, sustainability, new technologies, cost accounting, procurement, international trade, legislative and government policies, and much more.  Members receive special discounted rates on registration fees for the Associations' conferences, workshops, seminars, and webinars.  These programs provide excellent networking opportunities for sharing information with other dairy industry professionals, as well as with suppliers of equipment, packaging, ingredients, and other supplies and services.  IDFA is sponsor of the International Dairy Show, which provides educational sessions for all job functions and exhibits of the latest technologies for your new product line, plant, or plant renovations.

Communications and Public Relations

IDFA promotes and defends the image of dairy products, providing factual information in countering activist attacks on dairy products.  IDFA acts as a primary information source for the news media and the public on scientific, nutrition, and food safety issues.  Key message points are available on a wide range of subjects to help your company respond to public inquiries or crisis management.

Special Services

IDFA offers special services to members as the need arises.  Currently, IDFA's HACCP Certification Program provides complete HACCP training, services, manuals, software and more.  Also, IDFA staff is available to conduct full label reviews evaluating all parts of a food label, including the Nutrition Facts panel, nutrient content or health claims, and statements related to trans fat or carbohydrate content.


IDFA has developed easy-to-use manuals, reports, and statistical publications to keep the industry up-to-date on the latest information.  Many publications and online resources are available, both complimentary and at discounted member prices.  See Complimentary Publications for New Members.  The IDFA Online Buyers Guide is available for finding supplier members who provide ingredients, packaging, equipment, and other supplies and services to the dairy industry.

Complimentary Publications Upon Joining

(Other publications, such as labeling manuals, are available at reduced member rates.)