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Board and Employee Relations

Tracy Boyle

Tracy Boyle

Director, Boards of Directors, Employee Relations and Administrative Services

Boyle oversees all aspects of human resources and office administration, including recruiting, orientation, benefits, training and office operations. She also manages the bi-annual meetings of boards of directors, as well as board nominations and correspondence.

Boyle joined the staff in 1987 as an accounting assistant. When the Milk Industry Foundation, the International Ice Cream Association and the National Cheese Institute joined together to form IDFA in 1990, Boyle moved to the marketing department. In 1993, she became executive assistant to the president and chief executive officer, charged with managing the associations' four boards of directors. Boyle has a Bachelor of Arts in business administration from Towson State University. See LinkedIn profile.


Marti Pupillo

Marti Hogan

Director of Communications

Hogan shares responsibility for IDFA’s strategic communications and public relations efforts, and is editor of News Update, IDFA's weekly e-newsletter, and She produces the association’s annual Progress Report, oversees IDFA’s growing social media presence and shapes columns, comments and other communications materials for staff and members.

As a member of the industry's Dairy Communications Management Team, Hogan partners daily with colleagues on key issues affecting the image of dairy and dairy foods. She participates in issues monitoring and management, message development and crisis communications training.

Prior to joining IDFA, Hogan was director of communications for the Wholesale Florist and Florist Supplier Association in Annapolis, Md. Before that, she led national communications efforts for the management consulting division of then Coopers & Lybrand and the Association of Management Consulting Firms in New York.

Hogan earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame, Ind., and attended graduate school at Fairfield University in Fairfield, Conn. See LinkedIn profile.

Information Technology

Rob Carpenter

Rob Carpenter

Director, Information Technology

Do you remember when a floppy disk was actually floppy? Do you even remember floppy disks? Rob Carpenter does. In his 30 years of working on technology issues, Carpenter has worked on everything from punch cards to iPads. The keyboard he types on every day is actually older than some staff members. Since joining the team in 1997, Carpenter has guided and supported IDFA staff through the ever-changing world of technology, from arguing when he first arrived that IDFA had to be connected to the Internet to helping the staff cope with today’s revolutionary new mobile landscape.

Before joining IDFA, Carpenter held positions with the Associated Press and the IEEE Computer Society. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Audio Technology from American University and is a native of Philadelphia.

Meetings and Educational Services

Elizabeth Cookson

Elizabeth Cookson

Senior Director, Meetings and Educational Services

Liz Cookson oversees all aspects of event planning for IDFA, including the annual Dairy Forum and a variety of technical conferences, as well as smaller training sessions, webinars and industry publications.

With 14 years of event planning experience, Cookson has directed program coordination, logistical operations and marketing for conventions, conferences and other events for both associations and corporations. She joined IDFA after seven years with the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), where most recently she was the director of business planning and program development. Cookson played a key role in developing and delivering GMA’s executive-level meetings and conferences and executed joint events with the association’s key partners.

Before that, Cookson was senior manager of meetings and marketing for the American Composites Manufacturers Association in Arlington, Va. She also served as symposia manager for M|C Communications in Boston, Mass., and corporate sales manager for Interstate Hotels, Inc., in Cambridge, Mass. See LinkedIn profile.


Cindy Cavallo

Cindy Cavallo

Director of Membership

Cavallo responds to a wide range of inquiries from members and prospective members. She manages recruitment and retention efforts, dues receivables and maintains accurate records that allow the association to effectively serve its members. In addition, she is responsible for the IDFA Membership Directory and Online Buyers' Guide.

Cavallo joined the staff of the Milk Industry Foundation and International Association of Ice Cream Manufacturers in 1984 as executive assistant. When the National Cheese Institute elected to join with MIF and IICA to form the International Dairy Foods Association in 1990, Cavallo was charged with revising the membership process and managing the membership activities for the newly formed association. She began her career at the National Association of Manufacturers. See LinkedIn profile.