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Food Safety Leadership Award

The IDFA Food Safety Leadership Award honors an individual, group or organization for demonstrating outstanding leadership directed at enhancing food safety within the dairy products industry. The winner will receive a glass trophy with the name of the award, the date and recipient’s name engraved.

General qualifications for nominees:

  • Demonstrate outstanding leadership and contributions to the field of food safety for the dairy foods industry, and
  • Starting in 2018, previous recipients within the past 10 years would not be eligible.

Criteria for nominations*

*Individuals or groups may nominate themselves or nominations can be prepared and submitted by others.

  • Food safety leadership achievements
    List specific activities and outcomes achieved during the past two years that would be considered significant food safety leadership achievements or accomplishments, such as developing a process or procedure that increased food safety; initiating and/or participating in the development and/or implementation of new food safety guidance and/or training for the industry; conducting research that made a specific contribution to food safety; and writing or co-authoring papers that were published in recognized peer-reviewed journals or magazines.

  • Originality of work
    Describe the originality, creativity and quality of the contribution and note the significance and importance of the contribution to the industry. Provide documentation that supports the effectiveness of the effort.

  • Peer assessment of nominee
    Provide at least two and no more than three letters of support from professional peers in addition to a nomination cover letter.

Additional points to consider under the criteria for evaluating nominee
Other activities or characteristics of the nominee that are not specifically covered under the above criteria may be provided by the nominating individual to emphasize the nominee’s leadership and dedication to food safety.

Nomination submission
The nomination period will open January 25, 2016, and close August 31, 2016. Nominations should be sent to John Allan, vice president of regulatory affairs & international standards, at

Presentation of Award
The recipient will receive the award during the Celebrating Excellence Luncheon at the IDFA Dairy Forum, starting in 2017. The winner will receive free registration, airfare and hotel accommodations for the Dairy Forum to attend the awards ceremony.