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Kellogg Survey: Nine of 10 Want Healthy School Lunch

Nearly nine out of 10 Americans support the school meals nutrition standards under the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act, according to a poll commissioned by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, The survey shows that 89 percent say childhood obesity is a crisis or a problem, and 86 percent want the nutrition standards to stay the same or be strengthened.

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Rep. Erik Paulsen (R – Minn.) joins Kelly Tuchscherer, a member of the DQ R&D team, which creates Blizzard flavors.

Rep. Erik Paulsen (R – Minn.) joins Kelly Tuchscherer, a member of the DQ R&D team, which creates Blizzard flavors.

Blizzards in August? Just Part of the Tour at International Dairy Queen

While in his home district during the congressional recess, Representative Erik Paulsen (R-Minn.) stopped by International Dairy Queen last week to tour the company’s Franchise Support Center in Edina, Minn. Paulsen met with company representatives and sampled several kinds of Blizzard treats, including his favorite, the Heath Blizzard. “The visit allowed us to showcase not only our delicious products, but also the important contributions our business makes to the local and state economy,” said Corrinne Colombo Reed, vice president – Dairy Products Division for American Dairy Queen Corporation.

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TPP Talks Progress, Paving Way for Final Negotiations

After more than a week of meetings in Maui, Hawaii, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) ministers and chief negotiators reported last week that they made significant progress, but work continues to resolve a few remaining issues. “The team from the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative understands the importance of getting the best deal for the U.S. dairy industry,” said Clay Hough, IDFA senior group vice president.

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Attendees Praise Hands-on Approach in Food Safety Lab Course

IDFA and Chestnut Labs continue to keep dairy industry professionals with food safety responsibilities on the cutting edge of relevant best practices and requirements with the “Hands-On Microbiological Testing, Food Safety and Laboratory Best Practices” course. Read what two recent attendees had to say about the course.

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What’s on the Horizon for Dairy Labeling?

New labeling can spell a variety of opportunities to market products and drive sales. However, without an understanding of the specific requirements of labeling dairy foods, it can also result in waste and possible regulatory enforcement actions. To help members produce compliant and effective product labels while taking advantage of new labeling trends, IDFA is hosting an updated session of the popular Dairy Product Labeling Webinar, October 27-29.

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Thompson Touts School Milk Act During Forum on School Meals

Representative Glenn “GT” Thompson (R-PA), a member of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, spoke this week with school district and nonprofit officials, parents and representatives from nutrition firms to discuss federal school nutrition guidelines. The forum, held in Pleasant Gap, Penn., focused on current guidelines and gave participants an opportunity to share their thoughts on how Congress might change these guidelines as it moves to reauthorize childhood nutrition programs later this year.

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OSHA Clarifies Recordkeeping Obligations for Work-Related Injuries

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) recently issued a proposal that seeks to clarify an employer’s duty to make and maintain records about work-related injuries and illnesses. The proposal would require employers to retain accurate records about all incidents for five years, even if they failed initially to record an incident within the required seven-day reporting period.

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Industries Unite to Fight Hunger in Local Communities 

IDFA and the Food Processing Suppliers Association (FPSA) are teaming to highlight and strengthen Defeat HungerSM and The Great American Milk Drive. Organizations, exhibitors and attendees are asked to help. Read more



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