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Froman: TPP to Help Define ‘Rules of Road’ for Pacific Rim

Officials from the United States and 11 other countries came to final agreement this week on the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The Washington Post reported that plans to announce the deal were delayed as negotiators grappled with details on market access for dairy products and biologic medicines.

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Organic Trade Association Seeks Amendment to Federal Orders

The Organic Trade Association (OTA) last week formally petitioned the U.S. Department of Agriculture to amend all Federal Milk Marketing Orders to change how organic milk handlers meet their minimum pricing and pooling obligations. According to OTA, the proposed amendment would permit USDA-certified organic milk handlers to use either the current method of payment or an alternative mechanism that recognizes premiums paid by organic processors to organic dairy farmers. USDA has not yet responded to the request.

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Pacific Rim Trade Pact Ready to Advance; IDFA Awaits Dairy Details

After more than five years of grueling negotiations, officials from the United States and 11 other countries came to final agreement this week to conclude talks on the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The full details have not been made public, but IDFA believes they may be released within the next 30 days in keeping with the timeline requirements outlined in the recently passed Trade Promotion Authority law. Today USDA released a series of fact sheets that depict how each state and individual commodities may benefit from TPP.

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Details Available on Preventive Controls Rule, FDA Training Strategy

The Food and Drug Administration last month released the final preventive controls rules to implement the Food Safety Modernization Act. Hogan Lovells, IDFA’s outside legal counsel, has prepared a memorandum for members that provides key takeaways and highlights the major provisions from the final rule for human food. Yesterday, FDA released its FSMA training strategy, outlining options for companies that must comply. IDFA plans to offer training tailored for the dairy foods industry.

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IDF Contributes to Codex Work on Processed Cheese, Permeate Powders

The International Dairy Federation’s annual World Dairy Summit, held last month in Vilnius, Lithuania, also included business and committee meetings. The Standing Committee on Standards of Identity and Labeling reversed its previous position and decided to engage with the Codex Alimentarius Commission on the Draft General Standard on Processed Cheese. The committee also discussed the proposed Draft Codex Standard for Dairy Permeate Powders, which includes descriptions and specifications for milk and whey permeate powders.

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Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack

House Ag Committee Holds Hearing on 2015 Dietary Guidelines

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell appeared today before the House Agriculture Committee to discuss the 2015 Dietary Guidelines. They told committee members that the new guidelines will stick to food-based recommendations that emphasize the importance of following total “healthy eating patterns” and that they will not deal with sustainability or recommend a food tax.

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What Does New Ozone Standard Mean for Manufacturers?

The Environmental Protection Agency last week issued a final rule to tighten air quality standards and reduce ground-level ozone, more commonly known as smog. The rule will require power plants, manufacturers and agricultural operations to limit emission of nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds, which react in sunlight to create ground-level ozone. Some food manufacturing equipment, such as boilers, may emit these compounds, so IDFA is talking with members to determine whether they will be adversely affected.

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Support, Commitments Grow for ProFood Tech

More than 35 industry leaders, including Tetra Pak, GEA Group, Delkor, Sanimatic and Serac, have committed to exhibit at ProFood Tech since its launch. The show will debut April 4-6, 2017 in Chicago.
ProFood Tech

Webinars general logoDairy Products Labeling Webinar
October 27 - October 29, 2015
1:00 - 3:00 p.m. Eastern

The Dairy Products Labeling Webinar series will provide the information needed to produce compliant and effective labels. The sessions, Labeling 101 - An Introduction to Dairy Product Labeling, Nutrition Labeling and Claims and Labeling Hot Topics, will be interactive, allowing for participants' questions. Dairy company staff must know the specific requirements of labeling dairy foods to avoid the waste and possible regulatory enforcement actions that result from mislabeling.


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