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Senior Director, Business Development


This is a new position that has the responsibility for the identification, development and implementation of non-dues revenue sources of income for the organization.  This position will coordinate the various existing sources of non-dues revenue with the various departments within the organization.  The position will serve as the primary point-of-contact in a team-focused environment to implement strategies to increase all aspects of business development, including exhibit and sponsorship revenue at the organization’s meetings and trade show, ProFood Tech.  The position will also be responsible for proactively working with the relevant departments to identify and enhance revenue opportunities from other traditional non-dues revenue sources, including publication sales, website and other media advertising; as well as other revenue opportunities that may be identified.

Job Responsibilities

  1. Development of organization-wide strategy to maximize non-dues revenue and work with other staff members to identify and develop new non-dues sources of revenue
  2. Understanding of existing sources of non-dues revenue; revenue and source history; and revenue trends
  3. Enhance the financial viability of non-dues revenue sources by introducing ‘best practices’ currently in use in similar organizations
  4. Responsibility for new non-dues revenue relationships, including development of contracts and agreements, invoicing and processing
  5. Participate in the development and preparation of administrative and financial reports designed to provide information, tracking data and budgetary comparison information to facilitate the management and oversight of the non-dues revenue program
  6. Develop strategic understanding of competitive events that impact the organizations offerings and opportunities as well as identify potential organizations/association/groups that provide opportunities to co-sponsor or co-locate sources of non-dues revenue
  7. Work closely with members, business partners and other stakeholders to develop relationships with the appropriate decision-makers at those organizations
  8. Participate in the development of a comprehensive program to promote ProFood Tech exhibit sales revenue by coordinating sales offerings to potential partners and stakeholders
  9. Work closely with our trade show partners to coordinate exhibit sales among our previous trade show exhibitors and the organization’s business partners
  10. Assist with onsite management of exhibits for meetings and the trade show.

Job Requirements

  1. College degree and/or equivalent work experience in association sales and marketing, including sponsorships, meetings and trade shows
  2. Minimum of six to eight years of progressive sales experience in association meetings, sponsorships, trade show exhibit sales and other sources of non-dues revenue
  3. Excellent interpersonal skills designed to establish relationships with a broad range of members, partners and other stakeholders
  4. Capable of preparing comprehensive strategic business development plan relating to the identification and implementation of non-dues revenue program for a trade association
  5. Able to participate in the development of sound marketing strategies using direct mail, advertising, media and other promotional techniques
  6. Exceptional problem-solving, prioritization, communication and organizational skills
  7. Disciplined, self-starter who is confident, communicative and reliable
  8. Strong customer service experience
  9. Excellent computer skills, including data tracking and project management, and website software experience required

Physical Requirements

  1. Normal office environment requiring use of typical business equipment (e.g., computer, telephone, fax and copier machines); ability to travel to industry events.

If interested, please submit a cover letter and resume to Tracy Boyle at