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Research Award


Honoring Outstanding Achievements in Dairy Science

This prestigious award is presented to leading researchers in the
field of dairy science to recognize those whose findings have
allowed processors to develop new products and to make significant improvements in the quality, safety or processing efficiency of dairy foods.

Nagendra Shah, professor of food science and technology at the University of Hong Kong, was named the recipient of IDFA’s 2016 Research Award in Dairy Foods Processing. Shah has conducted research in dairy foods processing for more than 35 years and has published results on physiology, bioactivities and health properties of probiotics; functional starter cultures; and the texture and microstructure of low-fat yogurt and mozzarella cheese. His team also has developed rapid and reliable techniques to detect and quantify pathogens in milk powder. Read more

In 2015, the award was presented to Harjinder Singh, Ph.D., in recognition of his research accomplishments regarding milk and milk products. Singh holds an industry‐endowed chair in Dairy Science and Technology at Massey University in New Zealand.

The 2014 IDFA Research Award in Dairy Foods Processing was awarded to Kayanush Aryana, Ph.D.,  in recognition of his research accomplishments regarding functional dairy foods. Aryana is the Doyle Chambers Endowed Professor in Animal Sciences and a professor in dairy foods technology at Louisiana State University’s School of Animal Sciences.

The 2013 IDFA Research Award in Dairy Foods Processing was awarded to Carmen Moraru, associate professor in the Department of Food Science at Cornell University. Moraru developed a world-renowned research program emphasizing dairy foods and food-safety engineering to enhance the safety, quality and nutritional value of dairy foods and other food products.

The 2012 IDFA Research Award in Dairy Foods Processing was awarded to MaryAnne Drake, professor in the Department of Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences at North Carolina State University. Using an innovative combination of traditional sensory techniques and instrumental analysis, Drake has advanced the field of sensory science and its use by the industry to improve manufacturing processes and the quality and shelf life of dairy products and ingredients.