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As one of the country's most seasoned journalists, Chris Wallace draws from his decades at the news desk to deliver valuable insight and perspective for business organizations and individuals. With an expert’s eye and a historian's perspective, Wallace analyzes potential scenarios to provide an in-depth understanding of how to prepare for the immediate future. From tax reform and the state of healthcare to the 2020 Presidential election, Wallace broke down the day’s headlines with the clarity and distinction that have established him as a go-to source for the most important political issues. Wallace also offered behind-the-scenes anecdotes about Washington and perspective on the critical and evolving role of the media.

Dairy Forum used to be a dairy conference with business elements. It is now a business conference with dairy elements, putting the focus on everything from leadership and people practices to digital transformation and sustainability. Today’s dairy leader cannot afford to miss this event.

Patricia D. Stroup, Senior Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer, Nestle S.A.

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Chris Wallace

Emmy Nominated Journalist and Host, FOX News Sunday


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