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With the message of “evolve or die,” Peter Diamandis is a dynamic, inspirational speaker who provides real value to his audience by showing them how to drive breakthrough thinking focused on achieving clear, measurable, and objective results. Based on the success of the Ansari X PRIZE—which stimulated the creation of the billion-dollar private spaceflight industry—and more recently the launch of the $30 million Google Lunar X PRIZE, Diamandis discusses how to incentivize innovative thinking and breakthroughs.

He explains how traditional thinking, risk-aversion, and incrementalism causes the demise of companies unable to cope with the changes brought by disruptive innovation. Diamandis discusses how the rapid growth of key exponential technologies (nano, info, bio) is empowering individuals and companies to do what only governments were able to achieve in past decades.

“This year’s event set a new bar for Dairy Forum, challenging the way we operate, the way we communicate, and how we develop and recruit talent in our growing industry.”

 Ed Mullins, Executive Vice President & CEO, Prairie Farms Dairy, Inc.

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Peter Diamandis

Chairman, Singularity University & Chairman and CEO | X PRIZE Foundation


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