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NextGEN Dairy Network FAQs

  • What is the NextGEN Dairy Network?

    • IDFA has created the NextGEN Dairy Network to engage the next generation of dairy leaders.  The NextGEN Dairy Network will help professionals with less than 15 years of experience in the dairy industry connect with industry peers, enhance their careers and prepare for leadership opportunities within their companies and the industry.  It is the goal of the IDFA to create a network that will provide opportunities for dairy professionals to grow, collaborate, network, solve problems and develop the skills necessary to hold leadership positions in their companies, as well as in IDFA and its constituent organizations.

  • Who is invited to join NextGEN?

    • The network is open to all members of the IDFA (processors and suppliers) that have fewer than 15 years’ experience and consider themselves the next generation of leadership

  • Does my company need to be a member of IDFA to join NextGEN?

  • If my company is a member is there an extra fee for me to join NextGEN?

    • No, there is no additional fee to be a part of this network.

  • If my company isn’t a member, is there an extra fee to join?

    • At this time, the NextGEN Dairy Network is only open to members.

  • How do I join NextGEN?

    • If you are a member of IDFA, you can email Robin Cornelison at to be added to the NextGEN Dairy community.

  • Can more than one person from my company be a member?

    • There is no limit to the number of people from each company that can join.

  • What are the criteria for joining?

    • The network is open to all members of the IDFA (processors and suppliers) that have fewer than 15 years’ experience and consider themselves the next generation of leadership

  • What are the benefits of joining/ Why should I join the NextGEN Dairy Network?

    • Overall exposure to the industry and easy access to information through an expansive network of other dairy professionals. Opportunity to connect via an online forum, or face-to-face meetings facilitated by IDFA throughout the year.  Through this growing network, participants have the ability to gain access to in-depth knowledge about cutting edge issues in the industry that are affecting other industry peers and member companies.  

    • Professional development opportunities include:

      • Special invitations to, and discounts for, IDFA trainings/events that offer relevant content to the participant about issues affecting them personally in their respective roles, and broader issues affecting their companies.

      • Opportunity to participate in a forum that will contribute to the individual’s performance and allow for access to information that will contribute to the employee achieving the company’s goal.

  • Who can I contact to find out more about the NextGEN Dairy Network?

    • For additional information on the NextGEN Dairy Network, contact Robin Cornelison at

  • Are there specific NextGEN events to attend? Will I need to travel for them?

    • The NextGEN network will be invited to attend receptions and education in conjunction with other IDFA events throughout the year.  Participation is not required, although helpful for education and networking purposes.

  • As a member of NextGEN, are there criteria to follow to be in good standing?

    • The goal of the NextGEN Dairy Network is to create a space for learning and sharing.  We hope that members will participate in online forums and in face-to-face networking.

  • Do you have to be in Washington, DC to join NextGEN?

    • No, this is a worldwide network.

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