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U.S. Chamber Sends Jobs Plan to Congress and Administration

Sep 06, 2011

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce yesterday sent a letter to President Obama and Congress urging their immediate action on six steps that can create millions of American jobs without increasing the deficit or expanding the government. The plan is covered in an Associated Press story and promoted by Chamber President Tom Donahue in a video and an op-ed in the Columbus Dispatch.

To help spur bipartisan action, the Chamber is running full-page ads in national publications, such as The Wall Street Journal and USA Today, and inside the Beltway. The Chamber’s jobs program is also being widely disseminated through earned media, social media and grassroots business activists. The Chamber aims to mobilize the business community and the American public in support of achievable and practical private sector solutions to the nation’s serious economic challenges.

The government estimates that some 25 million Americans are currently unemployed, underemployed or have given up looking for work. Donahue urges the President and Congress to create new jobs through these six initiatives:

  • reduce regulatory uncertainty;
  • open new trading markets;
  • help draw more visitors to the United States;
  • allow industry to produce more domestic energy;
  • pass tax incentives to unlock job-creating capital; and
  • spur private investments in infrastructure while reaffirming the government’s essential role in this endeavor.

IDFA encourages members to share this job-creation message with your legislators.

For more information, contact Ashley Burch, IDFA assistant director of political programs, at

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