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Celebrate with Ice Cream

Annual Capitol Hill Ice Cream Party Facts

The 35th Annual Capitol Hill Ice Cream Party by the Numbers:

  • More than 1,500 gallons of ice cream and frozen yogurt were available
  • Nineteen companies donated products
  • Over 70 flavors were tasted
  • Almost 6,000 root beer floats were enjoyed

Here are a few of the flavors served at the Ice Cream Party:


Mint Chocolate Chip


Hunka Chunka PB Fudge

Rockin Poppin Cotton Candy

Avalanche Peppermint Bark

Avalanche Birthday Cake

Campfire Smores

Toasted Coconut

Old Fashioned Vanilla

Mint Choc Chip

Butter Pecan

Vanilla Premium

Strawberry Premium

Cookies & Cream

Black Raspberry

Cake & Ice Cream

Mint Chunk Chip

Butter Pecan

Moose Tracks

Mint Trax

Stellar Coffee

Red Velvet Cake

Garbage Can

 Butterscotch Bomb

Chocolate Rasberry Truffle

Salty Caramel Peanut

Urge Tracks

Caramel Turtle Pecan

Sea Salt Caramel





Yellow Brick Road

Banana Split

Rainbow Sherbert

Peanut Butter Fudge

Butter Pecan (NSA)

Strawberry Cheesecake

Chocolate Chip

Chunky Chocolate Chip

Birthday Bash

Butter Pecan

Caramel Praline Turtle

Cocoa-Nut Bliss

Cotton Candy

Death by Chocolate

Deep See Treasure

Grasshopper Pie

Movie Time

Peanut Butter Fudge

Piece of Cake


White Lightning

Sundae at the Museum

Campfire Toasted S'mores

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Pretzel Sundae

Sea Salt Caramel Toffee Crunch

Emerald Necklace

Black Raspberry Chip

Speculoos Cookie Butter

Assorted Flavors

Vanilla Bean

Bunny Tracks


Strawberry Cheesecake

Salted Carmel Craze

PB N' Cones

French Roast Coffee

Celebrating with Ice Cream

No matter what the occasion—a child's birthday party, an elegant dinner or a casual family get-together —ice cream is a wonderful treat that adds to the celebration. It can be served at the end to the meal, as a snack or even as the main attraction at parties. For your next occasion, get creative with ice cream—you can use one of the recipes from our Ice Cream Month Contest, or put together some cool combinations of your own!

Today's on-the-go families are opting for simple, elegant entertaining. The less time spent in the kitchen, the better. Ice cream is an easy, delicious and, if desired, fancy solution. Old favorites – sundaes, root beer floats, banana splits, milkshakes, pie a-la-mode, and ice cream cones – are among the most popular and simplest choices. However, serving ideas for ice cream are only as limited as your imagination!

Holidays are perfect for ice cream: Strawberry, vanilla and blueberry scoops create a patriotic treat on the 4th of July. No one would say "bah humbug" to a Santa Claus ice cream cake on Christmas, and a jack-o-lantern ice cream cake would scare up smiles on Halloween. Thanksgiving wouldn't be the same without apple pie a la mode. Cherry vanilla ice cream molded into a heart shape is perfect for your Valentine. St. Patrick's Day begs for mint chocolate chip floats, and Easter calls for molded ice cream eggs. In addition, watch your supermarket's freezer case for special seasonal flavors!

Ice cream is even more delicious when topped off; try hot fudge, chocolate, caramel or even a special liqueur. Add some whipped cream, nuts, fresh summer fruit, sprinkles or cookies for a real treat. A "build-your-own sundae" party is a great way to get everybody in on the fun any day of the week. And don't forget the cherry!

Don't forget as well that July is National Ice Cream Month and Sunday, July 16, 2017, is National Ice Cream Day. Summer heat and holidays make it easy to celebrate all season long!


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