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Give Thanks, Great Meals with Help from Dairy

Nov 14, 2018

With Thanksgiving in less than two weeks, menu planning is in full swing! Not surprisingly, the most common food Americans have planned for their Thanksgiving tables is turkey (81%), followed by gravy, stuffing, rolls and mashed potatoes, which will be included in about two-thirds of Thanksgiving meals. Also high on the list for Americans is pie (56%), sweet potatoes (48%) and macaroni and cheese (27%) [source].

While dairy isn’t explicitly included in the list of popular Thanksgiving foods and beverages, it’s an important part of many of these dishes: butter on top of rolls, cream in mashed potatoes, cheese in macaroni and cheese. Many celebrations just wouldn’t be the same without dairy products.

The Dairy Good website showcases recipes including dairy that are perfect for including in Thanksgiving meals and celebrations, like this one for Pumpkin Pie Squares with Cinnamon-Sugar Yogurt Topping. This would be a great resource to share with your customers.

Give More Than Thanks

Another way to keep the holiday celebration going is to share milk with others for Giving Tuesday. The Tuesday after Thanksgiving has become a day to make donations to non-profit organizations doing important work all year long, like Feeding America, a network of food banks and food pantries. Through MilkPEP’s Great American Milk Drive program, you or your customers can donate in order to add milk to the food bank’s shelves.


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