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Cornell Convenes Forum to Encourage Growth of Fluid Milk

Jul 02, 2015
(L to R): Casey McCue, N.Y. Dept. of Ag and Markets; Tristan Zuber, Cornell University; Richard Ball, N.Y. Dept. of Ag and Markets; Cary Frye, IDFA; and Maria Knirk, N.Y. Dept. of Ag and Markets.

Cary Frye, IDFA vice president of regulatory and scientific affairs, joined more than 60 milk processors, farmers, professors and marketers last week at the Northeast Fluid Milk Forum in Syracuse, N.Y. Hosted by Cornell University, the forum brought together private and public sectors in the industry to seek opportunities for fluid milk growth and encouraged pre-competitive marketing and innovation strategies for increasing consumption.

“Individuals involved with virtually every aspect of fluid milk were represented at this forum,” said Frye. “For the first time, a multitude of perspectives within the industry were able to collaborate in fostering a full understanding of the industry today and where it has the opportunity to grow.”

Frye’s presentation, “What Is Milk? The True Standard of Identity,” laid the groundwork for the forum with an examination of the standards of identity defining fluid milk and resulting product labeling rules. “The standard of identity has remained unchanged for 73 years,” explained Frye, “but milk products that fall outside the lines of the strict definition of milk can contribute to variety and consumer choice to successfully promote greater use of fluid milk.”

Highlights from the accompanying presentations and breakout session included coverage of new “local” trends in marketing and the growing desire for consumer food information, new nutrition research supporting fluid milk protein for the aging population, and developments and innovations in processing technology.

The Northeast Fluid Milk Forum, hosted by Cornell University, was sponsored by the American Dairy Association and Dairy Council, Northeast Dairy Foods Association, Inc. Other presenters included Lewis Goldstein, vice president of marketing for Organic Valley; Steve Jones, CEO of fairlife, LLC; and Steve Ammerman, director of public affairs for the New York Farm Bureau. Read the full agenda here.

For more information about the forum, or standards of identity for fluid milk, contact Frye at

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