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Headline News

  • July 11, 2018

    US Dairy’s Top Three Export Markets Increase Tariffs

    Fulfilling their promises to retaliate against tariffs imposed by the U.S. administration, Mexico, Canada and China last week began enforcing increased tariff rates on a wide variety of U.S. dairy products. “These new tariffs will have a significant impact on IDFA members who export their products to these countries,” said Beth Hughes, IDFA director of international affairs. “We’re taking these new developments very seriously. We’re conducting frequent discussions with administration officials to promote equitable trade and continually communicating IDFA members’ concerns to top trade officials.”
  • July 11, 2018

    IDFA Clarifies Updates to FDA’s Dairy Exporter Lists

    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) launched in 2016 its Dairy Listing Module (DLM), which is an electronic system to facilitate applications from U.S. manufacturers and processors of milk products to be included on lists of firms eligible to export to the China, Chile and countries in the European Union (EU). These countries use the lists to identify U.S. dairy exporters that are eligible to ship dairy products to their countries. FDA announced this week that a new Export Listing Module (ELM) will replace the DLM and include non-dairy products as well. IDFA members that export dairy products to these countries will now be required to use the ELM to be included on the list of eligible firms.
  • Pictured: Sanjeev Anand, (left) Professor in the Dairy and Food Science Department at South Dakota State University, and Paul Kindstedt, Professor of Food Science at the University of Vermont.
    July 11, 2018

    IDFA Honors Two Professors with 2018 Dairy Research and Teaching Awards

    IDFA recently recognized two university professors for excellence in dairy processing research and teaching in dairy manufacturing. Paul Kindstedt, Ph.D., professor of food science at the University of Vermont, received the 2018 IDFA Research Award in Dairy Foods Processing. Sanjeev Anand, Ph.D., professor in the Dairy and Food Science Department at South Dakota State University, earned the 2018 IDFA Teaching Award in Dairy Manufacturing. The awards were presented last month during the American Dairy Science Association’s annual meeting in Knoxville, Tennessee.
  • Frank Yiannas, Vice President of Food Safety for Walmart
    July 11, 2018

    Walmart Exec to Demonstrate Benefits of Blockchain for Dairy

    Frank Yiannas, vice president of food safety for Walmart, became a believer in the benefits of blockchain technology when his corporate team reduced the time it took to trace a package of sliced mangoes from more than six days to 2.2 seconds. He’s now sharing his blockchain message with the broader food industry and will address IDFA members in an upcoming webinar as part of the association’s new Knowledge Center.
  • July 11, 2018

    Dairy Delivers℠, IDFA’s Economic Impact Tool, Looks at Hawaii

    The dairy products industry in Hawaii employs more than 4,000 skilled individuals, generates more than $146 million in direct wages and has an overall economic impact of $1.27 billion. The state’s dairy companies ranked 46th among the 50 states and the District of Columbia in contributions to the U.S. gross domestic product in 2017, according to IDFA’s economic impact tool, Dairy Delivers℠.
  • Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue joins Michael Dykes, D.V.M., IDFA president and CEO, at USDA’s 2017 National Ice Cream Day party.
    July 11, 2018

    Sunday is National Ice Cream Day

    Sunday, July 15, is the 34th annual National Ice Cream Day. IDFA is celebrating in style with its National Ice Cream Month Campaign on @dairyidfa. Members are encouraged to follow the #nationalicecreamday activity on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. IDFA is also supplying ice cream for the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s second annual National Ice Cream Day party on July 19. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue and Michael Dykes, D.V.M., IDFA president and CEO, will open the party, which will take place at USDA on the National Mall. The featured ice cream will be donated by IDFA member companies.
  • July 05, 2018

    Dykes Says President Trump Is Right on Canada

    President Donald Trump sent off a string of tweets last month about Canada’s protectionist policies and sky-high tariffs on U.S. dairy imports. Following the tweets, Lino Saputo, CEO of Saputo Inc., said he agreed with the frustration being expressed in the United States. While Saputo insisted that the Canadian supply management system needs to remain, he suggested eliminating Canada’s controversial Class 7 ingredient pricing policy. Michael Dykes, D.V.M., IDFA president and CEO, said he couldn’t agree more and explained the association’s ongoing efforts to urge U.S. officials to tackle Canada’s Class 7 pricing in his most recent column in Cheese Market News.
  • July 05, 2018

    IDFA Calls for Transparency and Consistency in Bioengineered Standard

    In comments filed this week with the U.S. Department of Agriculture on the proposed National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard, IDFA supported the position that animal products like milk are not subject to the disclosure requirements solely because the cows consumed feed from a bioengineered substance, such as corn silage or soybean meal. Overall, IDFA called for a final rule that adheres to consumer expectations for transparency, does not disparage the use of bioengineering or stifle food industry innovation, and remains consistent with other standards applied to U.S. food manufacturers.
  • Cary Frye, IDFA senior vice president of regulatory affairs, (center) met with fellow International Dairy Federation board members in Brussels, Belgium.
    July 05, 2018

    Frye Represents Dairy Processors at Brussels IDF Board Meeting

    Cary Frye, IDFA senior vice president of regulatory affairs and the dairy processing representative on the International Dairy Federation (IDF) board, joined fellow board members last month for their bi-annual meeting in Brussels, Belgium. The group discussed final preparations for IDF’s World Dairy Summit 2019, as well as plans for IDF’s program of work on nutrition, dairy safety and quality, sustainability and standards that are important to the global dairy sector. “The American dairy industry is heavily involved in all levels of the work IDF conducts to ensure the global industry has the best scientific expertise to produce nutritious, safe and sustainable dairy products,” Frye said. “I’m proud to represent IDFA members and the U.S. industry as a member of the IDF board, which oversees these important efforts.”
  • July 05, 2018

    New PMO Now Available Online

    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently released the electronic version of the 2017 Grade “A” Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO), which contains changes adopted during the National Conference on Interstate Milk Shipments conference in May 2017. IDFA and its members successfully advocated for updates this new version that harmonize the PMO, which regulates all dairy plants producing Grade “A” products, with FDA’s “Current Good Manufacturing Practice, Hazard Analysis and Risk-Based Preventive Controls for Human Food” rule, which covers most FDA-regulated foods.
  • July 05, 2018

    Dairy Delivers℠, IDFA’s Economic Impact Tool, Looks at North Dakota

    The dairy products industry in North Dakota employs nearly 3,000 skilled individuals, generates more than $107 million in direct wages and has an overall economic impact of $1.56 billion. The state’s dairy companies ranked 45th among the 50 states and the District of Columbia in contributions to the U.S. gross domestic product in 2017, according to IDFA’s economic impact tool, Dairy Delivers℠.
  • July 05, 2018

    USDA Sets FY 2019 Sugar Import Quotas

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) this week announced its fiscal year 2019 tariff-rate quotas for refined sugars and raw cane sugars, slightly increasing the amount of sugar that can enter the United States under a preferred rate. USDA sets new tariff-rate quotas every year to ensure an adequate supply of raw cane sugar in the U.S. market. The United States is a net importer of sugar because domestic production cannot meet demand. These quotas are important to IDFA because more than 200 dairy company members depend on an adequate supply of sugar to produce their products.
  • July 05, 2018

    IDFA Launches New Knowledge Center with Free Tax Webinar July 10

    IDFA is expanding its member services with a new resource that includes webinars, white papers and other research materials on best practices and business intelligence that are relevant to the dairy industry. IDFA’s Knowledge Center is available to all IDFA members at no additional charge. Three webinars will kick off the opening of the new Knowledge Center beginning with “Tax Reform and Your P&L” on July 10 at 2 p.m. Eastern time. Additional offerings on “FDA's New Guidance on FSMA Intentional Adulteration Rule” and “Blockchain: Tracking the Future” will soon follow.
  • June 27, 2018

    White House Proposes to Shift Federal Roles on Food Safety, Nutrition Assistance

    The White House on Friday released a comprehensive plan to reorganize the executive branch, which included two key proposals of relevance to the dairy foods industry. The plan would transfer the non-commodity nutrition assistance programs currently administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Service (USDA/FNS) to the purview of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), which would be renamed the Department of Health and Public Welfare. The plan also would reorganize USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) and the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) food safety functions under a single agency within USDA.
  • June 27, 2018

    Hill of Beans

    With months still to go before an agriculture appropriations bill would likely be signed into law, IDFA is already working to build support with key conference negotiators for appropriations priorities that are important to members, said Tony Eberhard, IDFA vice president of legislative affairs, in his Hill of Beans column this week. The goal: winning the pre-conference negotiations where the action is behind the scenes and pivotal to the final appropriations outcome. If all goes well, the final bill will include the $3 million from the House bill to address standards of identity and the $1.5 million from the Senate bill to conduct research on ice cream waste, he said.
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