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About Nutrition Notes

Michelle Albee Matto Nutrition Notes Blog offers insight, news and analysis on nutrition, as well as food labeling. The blog is written by Michelle Albee Matto, who worked in IDFA's regulatory department for eight years, most recently as assistant director for nutrition and labeling.

Michelle now works exclusively for IDFA as a nutrition and labeling consultant. Contact her at

Michelle is a registered dietician and holds a Master of Public Health degree from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and a Bachelor of Science degree in nutrition from Russell Sage College in Troy, N.Y. She is an active member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the Society for Nutrition Education.

Nutrition Notes

  • Answers to Your Questions on Nutrition Labeling of Restaurant Foods

    September 25, 2015
    With so many changes coming to nutrition labeling, more guidance is always helpful.FDA has released more information to clarify the requirements of restaurant labeling that is mandated by the end of next year, said Michelle Matto, IDFA's consultant on nutrition and labeling. If you or your customers sell products in scoop shops, delis, restaurants or other similar settings, you probably have a lot of questions about how calories will need to be declared on menus and what other nutrition information must be presented in addition to calories. Read More
  • Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation Marks Fifth Anniversary

    June 03, 2015
    Over the past five years, the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation (HWCF) has brought together a unique coalition of food manufacturers, community organizations and public health associations to encourage healthy eating and physical activity habits. IDFA is one of HWCF’s partner organizations and at a recent meeting, the leadership of HWCF updated all partners on the accomplishments made over the past five years. Read More
  • Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee Looks at Added Sugars, Sodium

    November 13, 2014
    The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) took another step toward the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, holding its next-to-last public meeting on November 7, 2014. Unlike the September public meeting, dairy was not a significant point of discussion, but the committee raised a number of issues that are important to dairy, including added sugars and sodium. Read More
  • Caution: This Headline May Be Misleading

    November 10, 2014
    You may have read some unexpected headlines recently, such as “Milk doesn’t do a body good!” While these are catchy, they can also be misleading. The most recent ones are mostly based on a single study recently published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), but the concept applies to a number of articles that you’ll see. Read More
  • 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee Holds Fifth Meeting

    September 25, 2014
    The 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) held its fifth public meeting last week, notes Michelle Matto, IDFA’s consultant on nutrition and labeling, in her recent Nutrition Notes blog. The committee presented draft conclusions with mixed messages for dairy. Athought committee members acknowledged the wide range of nutrients provided by dairy foods, it questioned the need for three servings a day, and proposed recommendations to increase consumption of some dairy products and decrease consumption of others. Read More
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