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Dairy Facts 2016

Milk Procurement Workshop 2017


IDFA’s Milk Procurement Workshop provides an overview of dairy industry trends, policy and pricing basics, with a focus on understanding milk price regulation, including how farm milk is priced both inside and outside the Federal Milk Marketing Order System.

Milk processors, cheese makers, frozen dessert makers, butter manufacturers, nonfat dry milk manufacturers and other dairy industry professionals are welcome to attend this information-packed workshop.

This course is being offered in conjunction with the Dairy Accounting and Finance Workshop.


  • •  Dairy Industry Trends
  • •  Introduction to Federal Dairy Policies
  • •  Pricing Under Federal Orders
  • •  Pricing Outside Federal Orders
  • •  Basics of Dairy Risk Management 

Course Reviews 

Here are a few of the comments made by your industry colleagues after completing the workshop.

  "Enjoyed the workshop. Material covered was excellent and in depth.”   
  "Thank you so much for going into such detail about the classes, calculating prices and pooling. That is what I came here for and you exceeded my expectations."  
  "Overall, the content was excellent and my understanding is better today than it was on Wednesday morning when we started.”  
  "The IDFA workshop really covers the whole spectrum from the ground up and builds to the knowledge any new dairy procurement person needs. I wish I had taken this workshop years ago."  

Here are a few reviews of the instructor, Bob Yonkers, Ph.D.

  "Bob did make something that could have been painful and dry very interesting and kept the attention of the group, not an easy task looking at some of the material.”   
  "Bob Yonkers is unselfish in his knowledge and gives a great presentation."  
  "Bob was very knowledgeable in all areas of the presentation. He took the time to go over things in a very basic format to make it easier to understand, which was extremely helpful.”  
  "I thought Bob did a very good job of making it understandable for everyone."