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The Ice Cream Technology Conference is the premier event for ice cream and frozen dessert professionals and is the only meeting that focuses specifically on innovations in frozen dessert research, technology and new market trends. It provides unique opportunities to learn from experts on food safety, labeling and regulations that affect the industry. Ice Cream Tech is the place to learn and share, and to engage in an open exchange among participants and experts on technical and practical processing issues in the ice cream and frozen dessert industry. The conference features networking opportunities, hands-on sessions and product tasting, including the annual Innovative Ice Cream Flavor Competition.

Who Should Attend?

All professionals in ice cream and frozen dessert technology — including plant managers, regulatory compliance personnel, research and development professionals, and quality assurance staff — will gain new insights, ideas and solutions by attending the conference. Suppliers to the ice cream industry are also encouraged to attend.

Conference Reviews

Here are a few of the comments made by your industry colleagues:

  "I would recommend this conference to my colleagues. The level of expertise and knowledge of the presenters is always excellent. The conference offers many networking opportunities. The IDFA staff takes great care to make the experience informative and just plain fun!  
  "The IDFA Ice Cream Tech – in our opinion – is one of the most valuable partnership building / networking events that we attend. It is a unique event where you have the top minds in ice cream development collaborating with the most innovative supply groups to create synergistic flavor combinations and concepts that not only benefit our mutual customers, but end consumers as well. We look forward to this event every year. Not only to learn and develop new insights into the ice cream platform, but to truly develop partnerships and friendships with our customers and other key vendors."  
  "I really enjoyed the structured discussions that took place at lunch. It was a great opportunity to network and learn about others needs/challenges."