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Co-hosted by the Sweetener Users Association and the International Dairy Foods Association, the International Sweetener Colloquium has long been considered the industry’s premier meeting. This annual event provides a unique opportunity for key players from all sectors to discuss the most pressing issues facing the global sweetener industry.  

Participants include CEOs, CFOs, sales professionals, economists, procurement officers, marketers, commodities managers, U.S. government officials with responsibility for sugar policy and administration, risk management specialists and industry media from across the United States and around the world.  


For more than thirty five years, the International Sweetener colloquium has been a popular place for industry professionals to meet, network and conduct business. The flexible meeting format and location encourage formal and informal discussions and collaboration, while a host of informative presentations highlight important trends and issues affecting the sweetener industry.

The sugar and sweeteners business is complex and always changing. From new trade agreements and regulatory policies to concerns about processing, distribution and product innovation, the issues affecting the natural and artificial sweeteners industry require a constant learning process. The Colloquium educates and informs attendees about the business and keeps them informed about significant issues that could affect their companies.

Receptions, sporting events, educational and policy sessions, informal meetings and meals are all perfect opportunities to make business connections and broaden your reach to new industry contacts.

The format of the Colloquium encourages collaboration across the industry, as colleagues, decision-makers and trading partners participate in educational sessions, meetings and in-depth discussions about industry issues. Opportunities for one-on-one connection and collaboration are a hallmark of the Colloquium, along with its reputation as an event that fosters industry cooperation.

The busy hallways, sessions and networking events at the Colloquium offer a lucrative opportunity to foster business relationships with the most influential people working with sugar and sweeteners today.

Keynote Speakers

Jason Hafemeister
Trade Counsel to the Secretary
U.S. Department of Agriculture

Charlie Cook
Editor and Publisher
Cook Political Report