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Microbiological Testing: A Hands-On Food Safety Course 2017


Microbiological Testing: A Hands-On Food Safety Course is a career-building training opportunity. It’s offered exclusively for dairy industry professionals with food safety responsibilities, including those working in quality assurance and control, sanitation, maintenance, operations and more.

The course was developed by IDFA and Chestnut Labs to provide skills and tools for dairy plant professionals with responsibility for ensuring food safety.

The lab setting lets participants see how the learning objectives are put into practice, making this a unique education experience. The course offers participants the opportunity for growth within their companies and their fields.

Participants Will Learn

  1. Proper plating, reading and interpretation of common indicator microorganisms through hands-on application with expert instruction
  2. How to prevent common mistakes in microbiological testing
  3. How to create and interpret product specifications, including how to choose the correct test methods and sampling plans
  4. How to assist with the design, implementation and ongoing operation of a pathogen environmental sampling program, including root cause and corrective action, and the best testing methodologies to perform based on product type and sanitizer use within the facility
  5. How to perform internal laboratory audits, including the proper evaluation of equipment calibrations, good laboratory practices and lab design
  6. How to control pathogens of significance in the dairy industry
  7. How the pending FDA Food Safety Modernization Act requirements will affect your organization and how to be better prepared for FDA inspections

Course Reviews 

Those who have already taken the IDFA-Chestnut Labs microbiological testing course have weighed in with some very complimentary feedback. We’re thrilled that our hands-on approach to learning how to test for microbiological hazards in dairy facilities is having such a positive impact on the industry.

  "Very informative course, I learned more than I thought I would. I'm fully confident that I will be taking the things I learned back to my plant to implement or correct the way we do things to better our procedures.”   
  "I would recommend this course to any and all dairy employees. I really enjoyed this course and want to say thank you for the experience."  
  "Love the hands-on lab work  being able to do what you talk about and learn it is very helpful.”  
  "It is a great review of what we do and what to look for in the future."  

About Chestnut Labs

Chestnut Labs is a full-service, International Organization for Standardization (ISO)17025-accredited organization providing food safety solutions through a comprehensive scope of laboratory microbiological and chemical testing, research, consulting, auditing, training and educational services. Food manufacturing companies deal with a variety of food safety and quality challenges, and as a testing leader, we are dedicated to providing our clients with tailored, timely and accurate services to solve those challenges. Our commitment to service and operational excellence means confidence in the results provided to our food industry clients. We are committed to providing services for our customers with an uncompromising commitment to quality, continuous improvement, innovation and customer service. We strive to be our customer’s best resource for food safety services.