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The U.S. dairy industry is an important contributor to the nation's economic well being and to the vitality of rural America.

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IDFA is compiling a variety of resources for members to help them monitor and reduce their energy, water and chemical usage. This section is dedicated to sharing best practices in use by the industry and other helpful tips.

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Within regulatory agencies, on Capitol Hill and through the media, IDFA continues to reinforce the good manufacturing practices and rigorous food safety protocols that are already employed by dairy processors.

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Global trade is one of the most critical components of the U.S. dairy industry today. Domestic exports have grown significantly over the past few years, with the total value reaching over $7.1 billion in 2014.

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Information on proposed updates to domestic Standards of Identity, and guidance regarding the labeling of dairy products. Includes details on labeling rules on food health claims, nutrition content, trans fat and food allergens.

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From Senate and U.S. Department of Agriculture hearings to editorial columns and filed comments, IDFA leaders continue to deliver the message that dairy products are a nutrient-rich, cost-effective and important part of a healthy diet.

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